Emergency Lighting

Safety Benefits of Emergency Lighting

No matter the scope of your business enterprise, it is crucial to have exit signs and emergency lighting present. Both are part of a comprehensive safety system that keeps your staff, clients and your enterprise safe. Illuminated emergency signs offer several important benefits for any business, some of the benefits that an enterprise will experience by installing emergency lighting are:


  • Easy Way Out: Use exit signs armed with emergency lighting to provide employees and anyone else in your commercial building with an easy way of parting the premises. These signs noticeably show where exits are located in the event of a fire, gas leak, or other unsafe situation. Signs must be clearly observable at all times.


  • Regulations: Keep up with the governmental and departmental safety regulations via exit signs featuring emergency lighting. Signs must be at least six inches tall and two inches wide according to national regulations and feature a reliable illumination source. Failure to install illuminated exit signs may result in fines and other complications with your local safety inspector.


  • First Responder Assistance: Mount exit signs with emergency lighting to help first responders find their way in and out of your structure during a fire or other horrible situation. Illuminated signs help guarantee everyone gets out of the building swiftly and safely.


Just Batteries

In the workplace safety of yourself and your employees is of paramount importance. Improve your overall safety ratings as well as the confidence in the work environment from your own employees by installing functional emergency lighting today. At just batteries, our industry experts can help assist in the purchase and installation of such emergency lighting for any type of business or home. Visit us today and see what emergency lighting solutions we have for you.