Purchasing the Perfect Torch and Batteries

Whence you have been camping, hiking, fishing or just taking the dog out for a walk, as soon as the sun goes down you’ll be in need of a flashlight or torch. Torches and flashlights come in various different forms and this guide may help you in choosing the correct torch or flashlight for your outing.

Battery Powered

Majority torches and flashlights are be powered by normal alkaline batteries. The kind of alkaline battery will mainly depend on the size of the torch or flashlight. Sizable spotlight torches for example will usually use D batteries, whilst the smaller torches or head torches are more likely to use AA or AAA batteries. The more modern torches may use CR123A batteries whilst some head torches will be powered by the smaller flat CR2016 batteries.


Rechargeable torches and flashlights are increasingly favored. A rechargeable torch will be powered by lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged through the plugs in your home/work or in a car with the right adapter. As a rechargeable torch/flashlight needs a power source to recharge, and they have a reduced use time when compared to battery powered torches, they might not be fitting if you intend to use them for an entire evening out camping.

LED Torches

LED lights are low energy bulbs; they are more efficient and cost-effective than standard bulbs which equals to a longer burn time. They are also brighter than traditional bulbs, producing a whiter and brighter light. Cree LED light chips are more efficient still, last longer and are extremely brighter, but the down fall is it produces more heat. Power LED lights are similar to Cree LED lights, a more powerful version of normal LEDs. LED bulbs can also be in different colours.

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