Inductive Charging

Since the dawn of the electronic age, people have been looking for ways to keep their phones, tablets, music players and other battery-operated devices powered throughout the day. This has led to us carrying chargers with us everywhere we go, and hungrily looking for a power outlet whenever we stop moving. Charging our appliances has become somewhat of a personal chore, like brushing our teeth, that needs to be done each day. But it is often time consuming and inconvenient, but the good news is that we are moving towards an era of wireless charging, or inductive charging as it is called; which will likely change the way that we keep our devices powered in the future.

What is Inductive Charging?

In technical terms, inductive charging is achieved through the use of an inductive field that is generated between two objects. This allows energy to be transferred from one to the other by simply having them make contact with each other. This essentially does away with the need for wired chargers and specialised attachments that only work with specific devices.

In truth, as the tech stands, it isn’t that great a triumph over current charging methods; however, the possibilities for the future are what really make these developments noteworthy.

Where is the Technology Heading?

If the R&D stays on track, we can look forward to completely seamless wireless charging in the not too distant future. Inductive charging opens up gateways for the development of truly wireless chargers. The hopes are that you will eventually be able to power and charge a device just by having it within a certain range of the charger, meaning you will never need to plug your phone in (or even place it on an inductive charger) ever again. All you will need to do is simply enter the room.

Why is This Such a Big Deal?

Besides the obvious benefits with regards to the ease of keeping devices powered. There is one other possible implication of this technology that is enough to get tech-fanatics excited. The next logical step would be to have devices which are actually wirelessly powered. This type of technology will provide solutions to many design complications for products currently being innovated, such as wearable mobile devices such as the Google Watch or the recently abandoned project which was to be a contact-lens version of the Microsoft HoloLens (which was stopped since there was no way to practically power the innovation).

We will not only see a change in the way that devices are powered, but also in their capabilities as this tech brings forward new opportunities.

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