Emergency lighting and all exit signs is a crucial factor all commercial buildings have to abide by, big or small. There are definitely economic factors that come into play when businesses design how to best implement emergency lighting boxes and signs.

Furthermore, a lot of this is required by law. To regulate things like emergency lighting in commercial buildings, schools and offices. For example, exit signs must be located in an area that highlights an unobstructed exit from the building and all signs should be visible and easy to follow.

We should all know by now; the reason why emergency lighting is needed in building. It starts with safety for all people within the building. If there is a power outage, stairwells and corridors still need to remain accessible, if possible. Emergency lighting in stairwells and corridors can help relax nerves during a power outage. More importantly, emergency lighting should illuminate and provide some lighting during an actual emergency, making it simple and less nerve wrecking for people to evacuate the building. This is another reason emergency signs should be internally or externally illuminated. It’s often incandescent or florescent lighting bulbs or tubes. Internal illumination refers to the sign’s lighting is contained inside the actual sign box.

Majority of commercial buildings have emergency lighting and signs from a variety of companies and manufacturers. This can mean different emergency lighting designs, voltage chargers, lamps, batteries and all accessories. There is a lack of consistency when attempting to stick to one manufacturer. Plus, who is testing and maintaining this equipment? It’s is highly recommended to stay with one manufacturer in case of any maintenance or repairs that do occur regularly.

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