History behind the battery

Timeline of The History Behind the Battery

Below we have some interesting points on the history of the battery.

  • In 1748 Benjamin Franklin was the first person to coin the “battery” term. He used it to describe charged glass plates.


  • In 1780 – 1786 Luigi Galvani had demonstrated the electrical basis of nerve impulses where he also provided the cornerstone of research for other inventors to then create batteries.


  • In 1800, the Voltaic Pile was invented by Alessandro Volta, he also discovered the very first practical method of generating electricity.


  • In 1836, the Voltaic Pile was not able to deliver electrical current for a very long time. The Daniell Cell was then invented by the Englishman, John F.Daniell, it used two electrolytes namely the zinc sulfate and the copper sulfate.


  • In 1839, the very first fuel cell was developed by William Robert Grove, by combining hydrogen and oxygen it produced electricity.


  • In 1839 – 1842 Improvements were created to batteries, they used liquid electrodes that produced electricity.


  • In 1859, the first practical storage lead-acid battery was developed by the French inventor Gaston Plante, this battery could be recharged.


  • In 1866, the carbon-zinc wet cell battery (Leclanche cell) was patented by the French engineer Georges Leclanche.


  • In 1881, the first battery with both the negative electrode and porous pot placed in a zinc cup was patented by J.A. Thiebaut.


  • In 1881, the first commercially successful dry cell battery was invented by Carl Gassner.


  • In 1899, the first nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery was invented by Waldmar Jungner.


  • In 1901, the alkaline storage battery was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. It had nickelic as the cathode material and iron as the anode material.


  • In 1949, the small alkaline battery was developed by Lew Urry.


  • In 1954, the first solar battery was invented by Calvin Fuller, Gerald Pearson and Daryl Chapin. A solar battery converts the sun’s energy and converts it to electricity.


  • In 1964 Duracell was incorporated.

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