Facts That You May Or May Not Know About Batteries

We all know that we need batteries, and we need them to be around waiting for the moment that they are needed. We also know that we need a variety of sizes because all our different electronics use different sized batteries. We know that they have a highly important role in our vehicles and how they allow them to actually operate.  We know that we need them and we know what sizes we need to have laying around, but we do not know too much else about the things we rely so heavily on.

Why Don’t We Know About Batteries

We often don’t know about batteries until we need to know the differences between them, and when we have an experience with the batteries, such as experience the acid leakage for the first time. We often just know the brands of batteries that we want to purchase, or we consider the immediate prices. We do not take the time to learn about the batteries and find out the differences between them to find out which batteries are better for what application, or how to care about them.

Battery Facts

Batteries are more complicated than we might originally realise, here are a few facts that you may or may not know:

  • The most common battery sizes are AAA, AA, C, and D sized.
  • Batteries can be made out of lead-acid, LiPo, Li-ion, NiMH, alkaline, and NiCd.
  • Lead-acid batteries are often used in vehicle batteries such as cars, bikes and trucks.
  • Alkaline batteries are often used in flashlights, toys and portable electronics.
  • We get wet cell and dry cell batteries.
  • The pink bunny used to belong to Duracell until they forgot to renew their trademark and Energizer took advantage and claimed the trademark.

Just Batteries

There are so much more to batteries than these few facts, but it is also fun to learn something new. If you need batteries but want to skip all the research, be sure to contact Just Batteries! They specialise in a large variety of batteries. Get all your portable power supply needs with them!