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If you have ever had your car battery fail on you, you can attest to the hassle and frustration that comes with it. While they aren’t exactly built to last forever, you should be getting plenty of years out of your car battery before it needs to be replaced. There are, however, a number of situations that can put your car battery at risk of failing before its time. So, to help you avoid these instances, here are some of the most common reasons why car batteries fail, and how you can work towards avoiding them.

Overcharging your Battery

Your car battery has a limited capacity, and you should take care not to overcharge it. Going over the fully-charged state of the battery at voltages higher than 14.5 can result in a loss of electrolytes and in some cases, could even result in an explosion. When this happens, check that your voltage regulators are managing the battery correctly, and that the external charger is disabled.

Undercharging your Car Battery

Of course, you can underfeed your battery as well. Troubles with other components in your vehicle could lead to the battery receiving too little of a charge, and essentially running flat on frequent occasions. If this problem keeps on occurring, you should check for faulty contacts, inspect the alternator or voltage regulator, and also the fan belt and electrical systems.

Incorrectly fitted to the Tray

As you use your car, the road and motor cause vibrations to run through all of your components. When the car battery is incorrectly fitted to the tray, it may shake out of place when this happens. As it does this, it may take irreversible damages which result in leaks and a loss in capacity. So be sure that it is correctly fastened to the tray when installing it.

Worn out or Dirty Connections

Connections will either get bogged down with dirt or subject to corrosion over time which will limit their flow of energy. If connections are improperly fitted, power loss may be the least of your concerns; resulting in sparks or small explosions in some cases.

Excessive Output

If you’re a fan of using all your vehicles electronics at once, you are probably not doing your battery any favours. Frequent bursts of high-electrical output put your battery under strain and can result in the start battery becoming flat; leading to difficulty getting the car to start, particularly on cold mornings.

Leaving the Vehicle Unused

Leaving the vehicle unused for some time will drain the battery. Remember that there are electronic systems that constantly work in your car, so if it is not running to keep the battery charged, it will eventually die if unused. For those who are planning on leaving their vehicle for an extended time, it is a good idea to disconnect and remove the battery before doing so.

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