Benefits of Asset Tracking for Livestock

One of the first applications of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has been in livestock tracking. Mainly because, livestock assets are regularly on the move, historical methods of identification and data collection in livestock have proven quite unproductive, generally in the case of large herds of livestock. RFID overcomes the drawbacks of manual tracking by being fast and efficient without requiring a visual or line of sight for data recording. Furthermore, radio frequency signals safely penetrate animal tissue; RFID tags can be safely clipped on or even implanted inside animals and will last for the entire life span of the livestock.

Therefore (Radio Frequency Identification) allows the documentation and tracking of individual animals over their life span, even in a herd of hundreds of thousands. This being so, each RFID tag is unique, a livestock data base that keeps track of the animal’s source and growth, parentage and breed can be easily obtained. Continuous tracking over generations of livestock creates a genetic data base that helps construct a lineage and continue quality of livestock and improve breeds. Each data base can be integrated into a provincial or national livestock identification system that records nationwide livestock location, ownership and trade, creating a ready reference for farm owners, breeders and health officials.

For instance, where there is global trade in livestock and food products, correct tagging and record keeping is of extreme importance, particularly since livestock diseases can quickly spread over large areas, wipe out whole herds and possibly spread globally. Radio Frequency Identification usage helps monitor health of the livestock, keep individual medication and vaccination history, and block the spread of disease by tracking and divide infected livestock at early stages, leading to successful isolation and treatment that saves the rest of the livestock.

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