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Battery operated cars

Global warming is a real problem in today’s society. There are millions of tons of CO2 being forced into the atmosphere by motor vehicles, trucks and tractors as well as machinery that runs on fuel. Car companies are trying their utmost to reduce the emissions produced by their motor vehicles to comply with national and international regulations.

Even greater efforts were made to protect the environment and save people some money on fuel, and the hybrid car was born! A hybrid can be defined as any vehicle with more than 1 source of power ie, a fuel consuming engine and an electricity consuming, electric motor. Hybrids still consume fuel and they need to be charged. They still use a standard car engine but they also have an electric motor. Users can experience high km per litre fuel consumption and far less emissions. However, less emissions is not zero emissions.

The most revolutionary battery powered car of the 20th century has to be the Tesla model S. This car can reach 480km on a single charge and it goes from 0 to 100kmph in 5.6 seconds which is amazing for an electric car and it can reach a top speed of around 208kmph. It is fully battery powered. The batteries are set out across the floor of the vehicle and go about 2 thirds of the vehicles length. The body has to be extremely light weight in order for the car to last long on a single charge. The car is almost 100% aluminium and heavier, stronger materials were only used in a couple of places like the front end crash zone. There are no such things as battery powered trucks just yet but there is talk of a battery powered minivan.

I have only been able to think about 1 flaw being present in battery powered cars (besides the premium price that’s been slapped on these vehicles) and that is if there is a power outage, you will not be able to charge your car. Here in South Africa, power outages do occur quite regularly and there’s also load shedding which takes place from time to time.

Without batteries we cannot have battery powered cars. Batteries are going to change the world when it comes to CO2 emissions. You can run anything that needs electricity to run, on batteries, provided you have enough of them.

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