Considering that batteries have been a commonplace part of our lives for as long as any of us can remember, we tend to forget just how important they are for our daily tasks; and that is just considering batteries for personal use. Where businesses are concerned, the need for uninterrupted power supply to complete daily processes is even more important. Many industries rely quite heavily on battery power, especially where portability is concerned, a concepts that major battery manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa understand well. Let’s take a look at some of them over here.

Logistics and Asset Tracking

Certain companies require the use of electronic devices that are on the move. This is particularly true for logistics companies that need to track their fleets and assets as they haul goods throughout the country. Surveillance, monitoring and tracking systems that use video and GPS require a power source, and a portable one at that, leaving these companies with a crucial need for batteries.

Points of Sale

Almost every supermarket, café, restaurant, outlet or pub has an electronic point of sale, and we have all come to love those card machines we use to conveniently pay for goods and services. Being portable (most of the time), these card machines need to be battery powered, and they need to be done so reliably. Just another reason why various industries rely on battery power.

Public Infrastructure: Lighting

Street lights, traffic lights and road markers often require a power source to work, however, being situated outside and in the public domain often makes it difficult for them to connect to the grid. Again, this is where portable battery power comes in. With outdoor infrastructure, equipment is often solar powered, which is great. But when the sun is gone, they need a means to store and draw power. You know where I’m going with this… batteries.

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