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An unorthodox way to test batteries, but does it work?

Batteries are used in many household items, such TV remotes, electric toothbrushes, your alarm clock and your torches. The only problem with batteries is that they eventually go flat. Before you just pull out the old batteries and throw them away, maybe you should test them to find out whether or not you aren’t wasting batteries that still have some juice left in them.

Testing a battery

There are many ways to test whether your batteries are good or not. You can use a variety of different battery testers. One of the more common tools used is a voltmeter. These test your battery by you placing 2 probes against the poles of the battery, one to the positive and one to the negative. If it reads 1.3 Volts, then it still has some juice in it.

Another rather unorthodox method of testing a battery is by dropping it onto a hard surface.

The method:

A video went viral a while ago showing an experiment where good and bad batteries were dropped onto a hard surface. They dropped the batteries onto the surface from about a foot. If the battery bounces then it is dead but if the battery just drops pretty much dead, then it is still good.

We all have that drawer somewhere in our house where we keep all kinds of things, I don’t know why we keep dead batteries but we do. I’ve often stared at this pile of batteries, guessing which are good and which are bad, I can now do the drop test at home and test them all.

Does it work?

A group engineering students tested this method of testing batteries and they kind of debunked it a little. They were convinced that the method could not test if batteries were dead or not. The results of their tests were that the bouncing of the battery only tells you if the battery is fresh or not. It doesn’t actually test if the battery is flat.

Why does it bounce?

Basically, as you use a battery, zinc oxide is released inside the battery. This is what causes the battery to bounce when you drop it. Because of this Zinc oxide, a battery with 0% charge can bounce as high as a battery with 50% charge.

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